Application of the developed tools

Our objective is to leverage the developed reagents and reactions to label and investigate both small molecules and biomolecules across a range of cellular systems. Specifically, we are focused on labeling small molecule drugs to elucidate their distribution within living cells. Utilizing bioorthogonal reactions, particularly fluorogenic reactions, enables us to visualize these molecules within cellular environments. Concurrently, we are in the process of developing tools to identify their molecular targets. Our ultimate goal is to provide medicinal chemists with comprehensive insights into the subcellular distribution of molecules and their interacting partners. To achieve this, our studies are conducted initially in living cells, with the ultimate goal of extending our investigations to model organisms. We use techniques such as fluorescence confocal microscopy, photocrosslinking, proteomics and metabolomics.

Selected publications

Bioorthogonal Chemistry in Cellular Organelles
Topics in Current Chemistry 382 (1): 2 (2024)
Structurally Redesigned Bioorthogonal Reagents for Mitochondria-Specific Prodrug Activation
JACS Au 1 (1): 23-30 (2021)
A Systematic Study of Coumarin‐Tetrazine Light‐Up Probes for Bioorthogonal Fluorescence Imaging
Chemistry - A European Journal 26 (44): 9945-9953 (2020)