New fast-reacting and fluorogenic aza-TCOs

15 December 2017
New fast-reacting and fluorogenic aza-TCOs

Our work describing the development of advanced aziridine-fused transcyclooctene (aza-TCO) dienophiles. The reagents belong to the most reactive bioorthogonal probes known to date and lead to the formation of fluorescent products in reaction with various tetrazines without the need for attachment of an extra fluorophore moiety.

  • S. J. Siegl, A. Vázquez, R. Dzijak, M. Dračínský, J. Galeta, R. Rampmaier, B. Klepetářová, M. Vrabel, Design and Synthesis of Aza‐Bicyclononene Dienophiles for Rapid Fluorogenic Ligations, Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24, 2426, 
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