Superfluorogenic coumarin-tetrazine probes

27 April 2020

In our work published as a hot paper within “The Young Chemists 2020 Special Collection” of Chemistry, we describe the influence of various substituents on the photophysical properties of dyes formed in reaction of coumarin-tetrazines with two different dienophiles. These highly fluorogenic reactions can be used for various bioimaging applications in live cells.

  • J. Galeta, R. Dzijak, J. Obořil, M. Dračínský, M. Vrabel, A Systematic Study of Coumarin–Tetrazine Light‐Up Probes for Bioorthogonal Fluorescence Imaging, Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 9945,

Check out our videos showing how the reaction works in the cells in real time!

Thanks also to Paul Reyes for creating the colorful Cover Feature. COVID is not going to stop us!

Graphic design: Paul Reyes / IOCB Prague
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